Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AccuTrack/AccuSQL Quick Panel Tip for “Back Logging”


Many of our AccuTrack and AccuSQL users are beta-testing our new Quick Panel. This soon to be released feature will allow student support personnel like advisers and counselors to focus their efforts on one student at a time with many functions one click away from this panel. I would like to demonstrate a trick to make this panel even more helpful in regards to student logs.

It is not uncommon for a counselor to be too busy to complete session logs after they have met with a student. Especially if the student did not log in because it was a “quick” question or they spoke with the student over the phone or outside of the office. Upon seeing the student again or aiding another student with the same issue the advisor then remembers that they need to go back and create a session log.

In the past, “back logging” would require the adviser to have to access at least 2 panels. Now, this can all be handled easily from the Quick Panel. Even though the Quick Panel is designed to only show students who are currently in the local lab or department, you can still create a session log that occurred in the past from this panel.


First, use the Manual Sign-in button to sign the student in using the current date and time. If the activity is no longer active, just choose any activity available.


Set the “Give a sign-in period of:” to however long the session was with the student.


Now the student appears in the “Students Signed in” section of the Quick Panel in the upper right corner.


Double click the student’s name in this panel so all of the student’s session logs show in the lower panel.


Click on the log you just created and add the session log. Then simply click the “Edit Sign-in Log” button on the right menu and edit the time to reflect the actual time the student met with the advisor.

That’s it! And you never had to leave this panel. Making tasks in AccuTrack and AccuSQL easier to complete is what we are trying to accomplish with this Quick Panel. If you think this is something you want for your center contact support@accutrack.org to submit you interest in beta-testing AccuTrack’s or AccuSQL’s Quick Panel!

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  1. Note: If you need to work on a student’s record while they are not there or even if they do not need a sign-in log created for them this can work for you as well. All you have to do is create an activity in the AccuTrack or AccuSQL Categories & Activities section such as “Administrative Tasks” or “Case Work” to sign them into while you are accessing their record and working on it in the Quick Panel.