Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Get AccuTrack Appointment Reminders in Outlook!

Outlook AccuTrack Appointment Reminder

An exciting feature in AccuTrack and AccuSQL is the ability to have appointment notifications come in as an invite to your Outlook calendar. Essentially this means staff and tutors only need to be specific with their calendars in AccuTrack leaving their Outlook with general openings.


Outlook AccuTrack Appointment Reminder

With careful settings to keep students from scheduling / canceling appointments at the last minute, tutors and staff can rest assured that their Outlook calendar, often viewed remotely on their smart phone, is accurate.

Outlook AccuTrack Appointment Reminder

However, there is a chance a tutor or staff member could schedule a private appointment like a doctor’s visit during a time that AccuTrack views as open while forgetting to set this time off in AccuTrack.

Outlook AccuTrack Appointment Reminder

If an appointment is made by a student that conflicts with the private appointment, the tutor or staff member can simply decline the appointment keeping it from showing on their Outlook calendar.

Outlook AccuTrack Appointment Reminder

They just need to be sure to go into AccuTrack and cancel the appointment there as well so the student is properly notified.

In addition to the AccuTrack / AccuSQL blog be sure to visit the Engineerica forums for more tips like this on how to make the best of your tracking and management software and sharing ideas between colleagues in the industry using AccuTrack or AccuSQL.

Laura Alvarez
Software Consultant
Engineerica Systems

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