Monday, May 19, 2014

Students Using Multiple Services at One Time


It is not uncommon for students to be logged in AccuTrack/AccuSQL for computer use and then also make use of a tutor or other center resources at the same time. Many customers ask if there is a way to track this behavior without having to log the student in and out and back in again. The short answer is “No” however, here are a few tips and tricks that should make this process manageable and more importantly, accurate.


Computer Labs/Centers with Tutors:

If your set-up includes a computer lab using the Computer Lab Plugin with tutors either in the lab or close by and the tutors have access to a computer running AccuTrack/AccuSQL, try these steps:

  • Insist each tutor is logged into the AccuPager properly.


  • Insist students use the AccuPager when they need the help of a tutor and that their request through the pager is somewhat detailed.

PageLabAssistant (2)

SelectPerson (2)

Message (2)

  • Once a tutor receives a page, they then manually log the student out of the computer lab and into the tutoring activity with the “Give a sign-in period of:” UNCHECKED.



  • Once the tutoring session is over, the tutor then manually logs the student out of the tutoring activity and logs them back into the computer lab activity again with the “Give a sign-in period of:” UNCHECKED.

This process allows the logs to be exact without having to log the student out of the computer they are using enabling the student to continuing using the programs open on their computer. Tutors will need to be diligent about not only logging the student in and out but adding their session logs before moving on to the next student in need of help. If the tutors are using the new Quick Panel, this process can be done all on one screen.

The AccuPager, that is part of the Computer Lab Plug-in, helps tutors keep track of their logs. Right clicking on the AccuPager icon and choosing “Who paged me?” will give the tutors a list of the students as well as the request message that they received that day.


This is very helpful in reminding the tutors what should be included in their session logs. It can also help tutors find students who are missing from the logs so that those logs can then be added.

If your set-up includes a computer lab using the Computer Lab Plugin with tutors either in the lab or close by and the tutors DO NOT have access to a computer running AccuTrack/AccuSQL while in the lab, you could at least have the tutors use hand written logs. Have tutors complete log sheets to be given to the staff members who have access to AccuTrack/AccuSQl so they can manually log in the tutoring interactions after the students have left the lab. Again, if the staff members with access to a computer using AccuTrack/AccuSQL use the new Quick Panel, this process will be much faster.

Manually logging students in after the fact will often cause the logs to overlap. This is usually not an issue for the labs/centers because they need their records to reflect that two different resources were in use at the same time.


Advising or Counseling Offices

If your department set-up has different staff members in areas where students visit, it is not uncommon for students to pop-in with a question. These students are often signed in to see a different advisor, in the intake system, or they are not signed in at all. Try these tips in order to successfully track these interactions:

  • If the student is waiting in the intake list, you can simply use the Quick Panel to manually sign the student in with you, make the logs, then sign them back out without causing the student to lose their place in line. NOTE: You must remember to sign them back out before the other adviser signs them in. If they were not signed in at all, use the Quick Panel to manually sign them in with you, make the logs, and then sign them out.
  • If they are signed in with a different adviser, wait until that student has signed out and then manually enter the log. The challenge here is remembering to do this. Either:
    • Keep notes on a note pad or large sticky note. (Be careful with this one, using too much information in the note could violate FERPA if you were to walk away from your desk.)
    • Keep notes electronically. (Same as actual notes but with more security.)
    • Use the Quick Panel to send the student a message that will be seen once they log out. In the message, ask the student to quickly log in with you and then back out again, or if you are using the intake system, simply ask that they log in with you but they do not have to wait to see you. (My favorite.)



Tracking the usage of resources by students can be challenging. However, with a little ingenuity, collecting accurate, useful data can be easy!


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